Why I Created This Blog

I have created this blog to share experiences, explanations and solutions to problems which I may also have just figured out recently.

This blog will also only include short notes for myself and some small code snippets without deep explanations, so I can always just copy/paste them in order to setup my dev environment for example.

I try to learn or at least to get to know new technologies, while also focusing on getting a more in depth understanding of programming languages, paradigms or similar, of favorite technologies and I want to share my experiences.

I am really glad that to be so lucky to be able to work as a software developer and I have had a great experience so far. Sometimes I overcomplicated things like trying to learn everything even though I wouldn't need it. I want to give back a little bit by sharing what I could learn for me. That of course doesn't mean that you have to agree with me or that my experience would be the same for you. We are all individuals and I might hate running outside while I love going to the gym, which could be the direct opposite for you. But this wouldn't mean that everybody would have to agree with either you or me nor does it mean that I am are correct and you are not.

With that being said, I hope some of the things I share will have some value to someone else in the world 😃